Mindarray system has been innovating in networking and data analytics technologies. Today, we are positioned as a solution provider that is enabling enterprises and government sectors to streamline their IT operations using innovative modules like:

  • Infrastructure Intelligence Platform (IIP) for Network Management
  • Data Analytics Platform (DAP) for Log Management & Flow Analytics and
  • ITSM Platform for IT Service Automation.

All offerings of Mindarray system come under the brand name of Motadata, which includes IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Log & Flow Management, and IT Service Management Platform. These are designed to provide operational insights into an IT infrastructure and identify & resolve complex problems to maximize the overall uptime of the services.

Some of the benefits of our offerings are as follows:

  • Reduction in CAPEX
  • Increased agility and speed in resolving issues.
  • Provides a means to manage a hybrid eco-system.

In summary, Motadata is the perfect solution needed to confidently handle the challenges of today’s increasingly complex business operations and IT infrastructure management.

Motadata’s Network Management System (NMS) proactively monitors & optimizes all network devices, servers, and applications across IT infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime.

The NMS unified product suite collects, discovers, and indexes data from multiple sources including databases, web servers, containers, virtualizations, URLs, cloud services, middleware services etc. The platform enables its users to search, visualize & analyze the data with the help of customizable dashboards and widgets to extract actionable operational intelligence insights.

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Log monitoring & management collects and analyzes machine data to spot trends and highlights undiscovered insights despite the source & format of log data.

For overall IT security of your organization start keeping a track of historical events. Proactively counters the threats with event correlation analytics & event log analyzer. Motadata’s log monitoring & management processes log data generated from multiple heterogeneous sources like servers, databases, applications etc.

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Network Traffic Monitoring by Motadata’s Data Analytics Platform helps organizations to understand how their network bandwidth is being used and provides real-time information about bandwidth usage & flow data with custom-made reports like top Applications by Traffic, prime Conversations by Traffic, prime Traffic Destinations by Host IP, prime Traffic Sources by IP address, prime Traffic Receivers by IP and more. It allows capturing of flow data to monitor network traffic from network devices supporting NetFlow v5 and v9, sFlow, jFlow and IPFIX etc.

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The ITIL V3 Compliant ITSM Tool that allows organizations to streamline their service delivery using powerful automation and contextual relationship builder to troubleshoot problems faster.

Our ITSM platform drastically minimize the number of incoming tickets, helps in making a centralized knowledge base, permits businesses to comply with audit necessities and improves the performance of IT Service desk.

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Motadata IT Asset Management simplifies the process of managing IT and Non-IT assets in an organization. It provides a unified view of all the assets by leveraging the power of auto discovery. Any new asset added to the network automatically gets discovered either using an agent or through agentless discovery.

Along with physical assets, it also manages software assets and provides mechanisms to track the utilization of licenses. Software License management module can provide compliance information in the form of report.

An IT administrator using our asset management solution can manage the complete life cycle of an asset starting from procurement to disposal. It has built-in features to generate PO when a new asset is required and features to manage maintenance contracts by keeping a track of expiry dates and renewals.

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Motadata Patch Manager is designed to help organizations to automate every stage of the patch management process. Our solution can help an organization to automatically scan, discover, deploy, and efficiently manage patches from a unified dashboard across tens of thousands of servers and workstations.

Motadata Patch Management is designed to minimize the time needed to allocate patch updates, fixes, and remediation activities, and the impact on users. It also facilitates efficient data transfer to reduce bandwidth up to 90% through batch transfer.

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