Small enterprise servers

Reliable, cloud-enabled servers that deliver continuous operations.

  • Better price performance than x86
  • End-to-end security features
  • Power and flexibility for mission-critical workloads

Large enterprise servers

Superior performance for demanding workloads.

  • Total protection for your data core
  • Easily handle massive demand spikes
  • Optimized for cognitive and HPC in private and hybrid cloud environments

Scalable servers

Hardware that scales without sacrificing performance.

  • Industry-leading speed and security
  • Flexible deployment and performance
  • Ideal for data centers and emerging apps


Mainframes that deliver record uptime and availability.

  • Unmatched levels of data protection
  • Power the toughest AI workloads
  • Trusted for digital transformation

SunFlex company has the partnerships with leading manufacturers in the world to supply storage products and solutions such as IBM, SUN etc. SunFlex offers a wide variety of storage products and solutions for many different functions such as storage products, including products from the individual as the hard drive, RAID card, hard disk tray, from the archives to storage systems such as NAS, storage networks - SAN, long storage systems - Archiving, etc.

In addition, with construction requirement for backup system, SunFlex also provides many products and devices such as: the tape, Autoloader, tape libraries, storage devices with high performance levels, backup and restore data. This main products and a range of support equipment such as storage router, storage switch, FC cable, etc., will give the flexible choices for customers when making money to invest system.

With the demand management storage and backup system, we also provide the attached storage tools and software support to the management for operating system becomes simple and convenient such as the software for recovery data, device configuration, management and monitoring all storage devices in operation, load balancing, virtual goods, etc.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS7-2 is available in cost-effective midrange and high-end configurations that combine high, all-flash performance with a unified storage design and unique Oracle Database integrations to accelerate business-critical workloads and help reduce risk.

StorageTek Tape

Oracle’s StorageTek tape-automation solutions give you the performance, scalability, and value you need for open-system and mainframe data protection and archiving, at a cost that’s up to 90 percent less expensive than disk-only alternatives

IBM Flash Storage

IBM all-flash arrays are storage systems using flash technology to keep your data protected and readily available in order to provide you with a competitive advantage.

Hybrid flash storage

Hybrid flash storage Optimize your mix of storage media, including NVMe hybrid flash storage solutions, to achieve the best balance of performance and economics.

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

Your data flow is only as fast as your network connectivity allows. To move more data, networks need to scale. IBM SAN solutions support virtualization, hybrid multicloud and big data requirements

With the role of a leading IT system integrator in Cambodia, SunFlex is providing wide range of devices from entry level to enterprise-level, SunFlex can provide the network products of popular manufacturers such as Fortinet, Cisco, Juniper, HP ProCurve, DELL PowerConnet, AMP, F5, A10, Linksys , Planet, Draytek, etc.

The network devices that SunFlex provides including switch, router, access point, modem, cable network system, etc to fully satisfy the demand for construction and upgrade of the network business system from large to small”


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