Digital technologies are upsetting the competitive order and the roles that payments play in the operations of businesses and in the lives of consumers. Yet these same disruptions are also creating tremendous opportunity for banks that can quickly adapt their long-term business strategies.

SunFlex’s solution will provide:
  • Leverage checking and payments to build relationships.
  • Identify digital initiatives worth investment.
  • Conduct smart experiments.

Digital lending is the process of offering loans that are applied for, disbursed, and managed through digital channels, in which lenders use digitized data to inform credit decisions and build intelligent customer engagement. Digital lending takes many shapes and forms – from automating small pieces, to a fully digital lending process, from acquisition to renewal. Digital lending isn’t just doing the same thing better, but rather creating something new.

SunFlex’s solution will provide:
  • comprehensive and configurable credit management solution
  • Product configurability, ready-to-use product templates, intelligent insights,
  • all-in-one loan management system

The digital core banking system provides a Rich core functions with strong business adaptability, flexible parameter configuration and powerful functions account system, product factory, transaction processing, interest center, cost center, quota center, accounting system, clearing system, service interface, payment services module etc. Product plants can be configured for deposits, loans, investments, and financial management and management functions such as overhead, inquiry, cash transfer and status change are supported.

SunFlex’s solution will provide:
  • Fully integrated solution across Core, Lending, Treasury, Trade Finance and Cards
  • Designed around the powerful Digital 360 approach, IDC presents banks with the best of both worlds
  • Built on a modular design, the highly comprehensive solution helps banks progressively modernize and drive their Digital Transformation agenda.
  • It leverages contemporary technologies that enable banks to offer highly contextual

Open API is a publicly available application programming interface that provides developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application or web service. These APIs, are used as a secure method of communication between third-parties and online banking systems (FinTechs).

SunFlex’s solution will provide:
  • Update IT infrastructures,
  • Increase customer satisfaction, better services and support
  • Expand product lines and distribution channels


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